Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Video Clip: Adventures in Babysitting -- "Babysitting Blues" (1987)


"Nobody Leaves this Place Without Singing the Blues..."

(Fan Made Video)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Video Clips: Tommy Boy

Driving Onto Blu-ray

DVD Edition
(Already Available)

Read the Film Intuition Blu-ray Review


Theatrical Trailer

"I'm a Maniac!" -- Farley's Version of

"Get Yourself a New Map."

"Let's See What Happens When You're Driving With the Other Guys' Brake Pads."

When Deer Attack:
"I swear I've Seen a Lot of Stuff in My Life... but That was AWESOME!"

Carpenters Sing-Along

"Richard, Is there a Mark on my Face?"

BEES: "Your Firearms Are Useless!"

Fan-Made: 10 Best Scenes

Photo Slideshow

Chris Farley

Monday, December 8, 2008

Feature Length Film: In Her Shoes


View the Trailer

Watch the Movie

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Video Clips: Speed


Elevator Scene

Bomb on Bus

"This Freeway Isn't Finished!"

The Evacuation

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Video Clips: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Swoops In On DVD & Blu-ray


The Film's Opening

"Now, for High Altitude Jumps..."

Harvey Dent's Press Conference

"They're All Going to Come After You."

"This Town Deserves a Better Class of Criminal... It's Not About Money; It's About Sending a Message."

"Bruce, this is Harvey Dent..."

The Joker: "Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are Tonight's Entertainment."

"Do You Mind if I Borrow Rachel?"

"You're a Hard Man to Reach..."

"I Suppose They're Going to Lock Me Up As Well..."

"You're Gotham's D.A. If You're Not Getting Shot At, You're Not Doing Your Job Right..."

"Batman Has No Limits."


"Now There's a Batman..."

"Dent, Jesus-- I Thought You Was Dead..."

Final Scene With the Joker: Ace in the Hole

Video Clips: I Am Legend

Going Airborne as an Ultimate Collection on 12/9/08


Video Clips



Opening Scene

"Eat All Your Vegetables."

"I Am Not Going to Let This Happen."

"You Are Not Alone."

"Day 1001..."

The Trap

Alternate Ending
(Note: PG-13)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Video Clips: So I Married an Axe Murderer


Video Clips

"Hey, Jane-- get me off this crazy thing called love."
(Mike Myers Compilation "Woman, Woman, Woman!" Beat Poems)

Charlie Visits His Parents
(Funniest Sequence in the Film)

The Police Captain is Too Nice
(Anthony LaPaglia & Alan Arkin)

Tour Alcatraz with Phil Hartman
(Warning: Contains PG-13 Language)

"If You Want My Body and You Think I'm Sexy... We Have a Piper Down!"

Budget Airline Pilot-- Steven Wright

"Please, Can I Commandeer This Vehicle?"
(Anthony LaPaglia & Charles Grodin)