Wednesday, May 13, 2009

News Video: Susan Sarandon-- Ping-Pong Playa?

Hoping to do for Ping-Pong what she did for Baseball with her turn in the '80s classic Bull Durham, Susan Sarandon is investing in a brand new NYC Ping-Pong club/bar called Spin.

The club which is opening its doors in June is described by the Acadmey Award winning actress as a place where avid enthusiasts (such as pals Edward Norton and George Clooney who are also confessed fans-- or "Playas"-- to reference the recent film) will find "a lot of tables, Olympic tables, Olympic lighting and it's a bar."

So paddles up-- start practicing Forrest Gump style-- and get ready for the trend that isn't just for nerdy rec rooms anymore.

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Video from New York Magazine Online