Monday, August 3, 2009

Music Video: Boys Like Girls - "Love Drunk"

In the 21st Century, for musicians to keep in instant-- country or cable-free-- contact with their loyal fans, the new line of thinking seems to be, first the internet and then MTV.

Following the July 31 online launch of the video for Boys Like Girls' hit single "Love Drunk"-- which ties in with their second full-length album due out in September-- MTV and FUSE will begin adding it to their broadcast television rotation today.

Starring Ashley Tisdale and filmed in a colorful palette to go along with the hook heavy pop confection sound-- despite the title of the track which is the same as their second album-- Boys frontman Martin Johnson promises that it's not mushy.

Or to put it bluntly as he told MTV News, the song, is "about giving the F.U. to a relationship and a situation. It’s fun, it’s celebrating – skipping your way out gracefully with a nice flip of the bird, rather than crying your way home to mommy.”

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