Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Video Clips: Fringe: Season One (2009-2009) -- Arriving on DVD & Blu-ray 9/8

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Fans can now enter for a chance to win a trip to the set of Fringe at The grand prize winner will win a trip to Vancouver, BC. The first prize winner will get a hi-def home entertainment system and five second prize winners will receive a copy of the Complete First Season on DVD.

About the Show

"Teleportation. Mind control. Invisibility. Astral projection. Mutation. Reanimation. Phenomena that exist on the Fringe of science unleash their strange powers in this thrilling, critically-acclaimed series, as Warner Home Video releases Fringe: The Complete First Season on DVD and Blu-ray™ Hi Def on September 8, 2009.

"Featuring a collectible lenticular slipcase, and packed with nearly 6 hours of special features, including featurettes, production diaries, producer and writer commentaries, deleted scenes, gag reel, Blu-Ray exclusive content and much more in a release timed to the premiere of Season 2 on FOX."

"From J.J. Abrams (Lost), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the team behind Star Trek, Mission: Impossible III and Alias) and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Bryan Burk (both of Lost and Alias), Fringe revolves around three unlikely colleagues – a beautiful, young and determined FBI agent (Anna Torv), a brilliant but off-the-wall scientist (John Noble), and his sardonic, roguish son (Joshua Jackson) – who team up to investigate a series of peculiar deaths and disasters known as “The Pattern.” The trio suspects that someone is using the world as a laboratory. And many of the clues lead them to Massive Dynamic, a shadowy global corporation that may be more powerful than any nation. Season 1 also starred Lance Reddick, Kirk Acevedo, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole and Mark Valley. Fringe is from Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television."

DVD & Blu-ray Trailer

Video Clip: "The Arrival"

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Video Clip: "Circadian Rhythms"


• The pilot episode of Fringe was watched by 9.13 million viewers, and as of March 2009 the show continues to draw an average of 9.9 million viewers a week.

• Fans and critics all love Fringe! Fringe won’s reader poll for Best New Fall Show, and Entertainment Weekly picked Fringe as #7 on their 10 Best TV Shows of 2008.

• Executive producers include J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Lost, Alias), Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Mission Impossible: III, Alias), and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Mission Impossible: III, Alias), among others.

• The show was nominated for a 2009 Writers Guild Award for Best New Series.

• This release includes over 6 hours of brand new special features, plus an additional hour of exclusive content on the Blu-Ray release.

DVD Special Features:

(Over 6 hours of brand new special features, plus an additional hour of exclusive content on the Blu-Ray release)

• "Evolution: The Genesis of Fringe" featurette - The creators of the show discuss how the series unfolded and the qualities that make it so unique

• "Behind the Real Science of Fringe" featurette - From teleportation to re-animation, Fringe incorporates recent discoveries in science. Consulting experts and scientists who are the authorities in their field address the areas of science which are the inspiration for the show.

• "A Massive Undertaking: The Making of Fringe
(on select episodes) - An in-depth exploration of how select episodes came to be made: from the frozen far reaches of shooting the pilot in Toronto, to the weekly challenges of bringing episodes to air

• "The Casting of Fringe"- The story, as told by producers and cast, of how Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble and others came to be cast in the series.

• "Fringe Visual Effects" featurette - Goes deep into the creation of the shared dream state with some of the biggest VFX shots of the show.

• Dissected Files: Unaired Scenes

• Unusual Side Effects: Gag Reel

• Deciphering the Scene

• Roberto Orci Production Diary

• Gene the Cow Montage

• Three Full-Length Commentaries from writers/producers, including J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtman, J.R. Orci, David Goodman, Bryan Burk, Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner.

J.J. Abrams